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Restoration Projects

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Precise welding,

Individualised designs,

Unique & Custom made

Do you want a

one-of-a-kind design? 


Have you seen something

different in a magazine or

on the internet? 


I can help you make it!

We can't wait to hear about your project!

If you have a big project or just need someone for just a few hours, I’m both flexible and reliable. Work can be performed out at my workshop or onsite, at your premises.


Using tried and tested techniques I have expertise spanning across multiple industries. I offer a no-nonsense approach, with advice and recommendations tailored to suit your requirements.

I currently provide high quality services to clients across the Oxfordshire area, covering:

Fabrication for example Exhausts & Silencers

Turbo Manifolds & Exhaust Systems

TIG Welding

Full Penetration Back Purged

Aluminium Tanks and Radiators

Water Pipes and Intercoolers

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Design & Build - Working from bespoke (drawn) designs

Ford Focus RS Mark 1

Prototypes and Bespoke Solutions

CAD Design & Engineering – supported by our CAD partner

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