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Bespoke exhaust, 

Individual designs,

Unique & Custom made

Do you want an individual design, something new or old, perhaps something they don’t make any more. 


Have you seen something in a magazine? I can help you make it!

Need a new bespoke exhaust?

Being an owner of a Harley Davison myself, I understand the quality of work you need and appreciate how precious your bike is to you. I am highly experienced, my welding is precise and I strive to produce perfect systems. I love working on all motor bikes just take a look at some of my work in the photo gallery. 


I'm happy to discuss what you need, I can work from a drawing or blueprint. In my experience, good communication and collaboration often produces the most unique and brilliant pieces.

Need a new silencer?

Over the years I have made hundreds of silencers. This means I can create what you want and most importantly make it sound just how you want it to. 

Harley Davidson
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